Laundry Room Makeover

Our Laundry Room recently got a makeover in March. It has been expanded, adding new machines, while also receiving a "facelift" by adding more vibrant colors to make laundry day less dull! Our new machines are card capable, using a credit/debit card or a refillable cash card that can be purchased in the office. To decorate, we have initiated the Fair Harbor "Puzzle Project" where guests work on putting together jigsaw puzzles (what better way to pass the time while waiting for your laundry!) and all completed puzzles will be framed and hung on the walls in the laundry room. We still need to trim in around the new dryers and finish the floor, as well as add a large television on the end wall, but I think we're off to a pretty good start!

2020-06-25T10:23:43-04:00June 25th, 2020|

Hurricane Michael Passes By

Thankfully the damage was minimal  and we never lost power. There's a lot of debris clean up to do but we're all still standing! Tree down by the bathhouse   Small tree down next to a camper, thankfully not on top of it Tent that is a little misshapen Limb hanging Limb down on the garden archway Small tree down next to the pond...again missing a camper! Trees down in the goat pen. They don't mind...fresh leaves to eat and a new place to play! Washout behind the goat pen Tree down next to the dog park The basketball hoop did not survive Michael

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