How Fair Harbor RV Park Began

The idea of Fair Harbor RV Park was conceived in early 1997 when myself and my friend/manager of a nearby propane business decided we were not happy in the propane business and wanted to start a new business “from scratch”. We settled on the idea of an RV Park in either Byron or Perry. Perry won out because of the Georgia National Fairgrounds and Agricenter and the “perfect” property that was shown to us on our visit to Perry to look around. Ironically, the property had been a campground in the early 1970s but had been abandoned since it’s closure in 1973. With the property so overgrown, it was hard to get around just to look, but still, it was the obvious choice. With the purchase of the property in mid 1997, completion of the site plan and purchase and rental of much heavy equipment, construction began in the fall of 1997 and continued through 1998. Fair Harbor RV Park and Campground opened January 1, 1999 with 103 sites. “Fair” came from the Georgia National Fairgrounds and “Harbor” was chosen because we wanted visitors to envision a safe place. There have been several additions since and FHRV now offers 200+ RV sites, camping cabins, horse facilities, inside, outside, sheltered storage and self storage units. And, FHRV is, as far as we know, the only RV park in Georgia generating significant amounts of solar energy.

It was interesting, hard work, but fun finding the right property and building Fair Harbor RV Park. What a fun business it has been…and is. We meet the best people. A broken water line, clogged sewer or poor cable connection is about as bad as it gets. The vast majority of RVers are friendly, happy people. We take it as a personal challenge to make the others smile before they leave. We always want to hear how we’re doing and what we could do better, so “lay it on us”.

Our staff is the best it’s ever been. Royce worked for Blue Bird Wanderlodge for 18 years and spent about the same amount of time in the concrete business. He has been general manager of FHRV since 2012. Stephanie (her real name)/Alice/Betty/Cheronda/Debbie, etc. etc., (it’s a daily thing) has been our “find the guy’s errors and fix them” gal since 2016. Allen, Dave, Violet, Tamara and Renee’ round out the crew that take such good care of you during your visits to Perrydise. We’re happy to announce that my son, John, is now working with us in preparation for the boss to do some goofing off.

Be sure to come to breakfast on Saturday mornings for some special entertainment served along with the pancakes and coffee. I’ve often said if Royce was “pretty” he and his manager (me) would be in Nashville.

We, at Fair Harbor RV Park & Campground, appreciate the opportunity to serve your camping and traveling needs. You make us smile. Stop by often so we can try to make you smile.

Thanks for visiting our website. Hope to see you soon. Real soon.